Restoring dignity
Inspiring hope
Growing together

Restoring Dignity
Inspiring Hope
Growing Together

who we are

Little Green Things (LGT) is a community urban garden whose philosophy is based on the ‘garden to table’ concept of harvesting and eating food that you grow. We strive to be an environmentally friendly as well as socially conscious business that provides skills and income generating opportunities (development and poverty reduction) for persons with disabilities.

Our passion to want to make a difference is embedded in our culture. The LGT culture is that of positive, high vibrational energy that encourages a sense of well-being, therefore, we aim to transform our space into a vibrant, happy and beautiful space where learning and creativity is stimulated and where people of any ability can thrive.

Monthly Market

Come along and support your community by buying fresh locally grown organic produce and experience the benefits of the ‘garden to table’ movement.

Our market days take place on the last Saturday of each month from 10h00 – 14h00.

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our mission & values

To be a sustainable and profitable business whilst simultaneously inspiring hope for persons with disabilities by bringing about positive change through skills development, social inclusion, economic empowerment and the restoration of dignity. Our values are based on integrity, transparency, inclusion, hope and empowerment.

Events & Workshops

A series of hands-on, relaxed, interactive workshops meant to help beginner as well as experienced gardeners develop confidence and innovative ways to grow healthy and sustainable gardens even in small spaces. Everyone is welcome!

  • The Indoor Herb Garden

    Herbs like basil, sage and coriander add a burst of flavour to any meal. If you want to get started growing your own, come join us at our next workshop.

  • Sprouts & Microgreens Production

    Microgreens are tiny edible plants that are older than sprouts, but younger than a full-grown plants. 

  • The Dirt on Composting

    Composting is nature’s way of recycling. At these workshops we invite you to participate in the composting process by showing you how yard waste and food scraps are broken down and become food for plants.

  • Cannabis Culture Workshops

    Our Cannabis Culture workshops are aimed at people who would like to grow their own cannabis plants at home.

Have a look at some of our products

We have recently expanded our range to include products and services that would appeal to the growing cannabis industry. Our product range  includes a deep water culture aeroponic system and breathable geotextile grow bags. Both the assembly of the aeroponic systems and manufacture of grow bags are done by persons with disabilities.