Our Story

Little Green Things is an urban farm that specialises in organic soil mixes, worm tea, organic herbs and microgreens.  We aim to be an environmentally friendly and socially conscious business which addresses some of the key issues people face in disadvantaged communities. In other words, We are a business with a social mission.

What makes us different? As a social enterprise our key focus is to be sustainable whilst simultaneously tackling the issues of unemployment, skills development and social inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Why? Persons with disabilities in communities are often the most marginalised and have less access to opportunities. We want to make an active contribution towards empowering persons with disabilities. By so doing we are contributing to the fulfilment of South Africa’s National Development Plan, the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and adhering to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  Our core belief is that being economically empowered increases dignity and creates a sense of well-being. These are some of the value drivers that support the LGT ethos.

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Meet the Team

We’re a passionate bunch of people who want to make a difference. We have a dynamic team from diverse backgrounds and skills who are volunteering their time. We believe that each person can, if given the opportunity, make a difference in the lives of people who have little or no opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. That job becomes easier when we collectively apply ourselves to a unified cause in a focused manner.



Strategic Sage | Business Development & Disability Awareness

After sustaining a spinal injury, UCT alumna Cleone Jordan developed a nuanced understanding of the many injustices faced by South Africans with disabilities. Her main interest lies in social entrepreneurship with specific focus on urban agriculture and the economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. She is currently completing a Business degree at GSB. Cleone believes that LGT will be the catalyst to a social movement that will inspire real change.



Creative Crackerjack | Product Knowledge | Research & Development

Nicole Brink is a serial entrepreneur and partner at Little Green Things. She is also the creator of LOVE & natural skincare products and a conscious creation coach at The Bigger Picture. Having worked in corporate for fifteen years, Nicole’s multidisciplinary background includes marketing,
event management and administration. With a keen interest in holistic health and the human condition, she hopes  to make a positive contribution to a better society for all.


Frank 'Levi'

Garden Guru | All Things Green & Organic | Training & Skills Transfer

Frank ‘Levi’ Adonis has a deep passion for all things green, but his first love is for his family who inspires him to always do his best. Frank thrives on sharing his knowledge of horticulture and intends to help build, teach and inspire the LGT team and the people they work with. His family history of community upliftment has been instrumental in him carrying the legacy forward through community gardening clubs.

Helping Hands



As a ‘Jack of all trades’, Caz Jones spent his career mostly in construction. He loves building and creating things and is always eager to learn new trends in sustainable living, urban agriculture and permaculture. So for all your DIY, Caz is your guy. Originating from the Cape Flats, he feels it is important to give back to the community. Caz is an avid gardener and a family man.



Kerwin Smith is a client of CTAPD and has recently joined LGT. He lives in the community and loves helping people and learning new things. He assists Frank in the garden and makes sure that the plants are well tended to and keeps everything looking beautiful.  Kerwin loves listening to cool jazz and hanging out with his girlfriend.



Patrick Leshomo is a chartered accountant by profession but loves working in the garden and getting his hands dirty. You’ll find Patrick in the garden most Saturday mornings where he volunteers his time and helps with replanting seedlings, collecting organic soil from the farm or whatever tasks need attending on the day.  In this way Patrick can contribute to the community and he is also able to get in touch with nature.

Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled (CTAPD)

Cape Town Association For The Physically Disabled (CTAPD)

We have partnered with the Cape Town Association for the Physically Disabled (CTAPD), a long-standing NGO that operates in an underprivileged community in the Cape Flats, and whose services are geared towards persons with disabilities.  CTAPD has a large area of land and has granted us space to operate from. This partnership allows LGT to provide jobs, skills development and business opportunities to their clients. Through collaborating with CTAPD, We will increase our level of social responsiveness by helping persons with disabilities become skilled and empowered to lift themselves out of poverty. 

Partner With Us

Why Partner With Us?

Partnering with us will allow us to grow our project and impact communities in a tangible way that provides food security, skills development, livelihood opportunities and social integration. In this way we ensure that resources are maximized and that this does not become just another CSR side-project but a project that any business will be proud to be associated with.

For our social enterprise to succeed, it requires dedicated time and resources on an ongoing basis. We need funding, government support and strategic business partnerships among other things to create a holistic approach to growing successfully, while at the same time making a difference.

Making community development part of your corporate culture

While many CSR/CSI initiatives requires a long-term financial commitment to a cause, there are other ways to make community development part of your corporate culture. LGT makes it simple for you to make a sustainable difference in the lives of persons with disabilities in vulnerable communities. All of our CSR initiatives are supported by our team to ensure sustainability and success.

What's in it for you?

  • A great way to improve your corporate reputation
  • Opportunities for corporate volunteers to make a difference
  • Improve your BBBEE rating
  • Employee wellness and socially conscious team-building events
  • Brand and product activations within communities

Our Wishlist

Jojo tank | Polypropylene roofing | Organic seeds | Work benches | Shelving | Packaging | Scale | Hessian | Grow trays | Garden tools | Storage bins | Table and chairs | Garden shed | Storage bins | Stationery cupboard| Signage | Marketing material| Data/Airtime| Printer | Stationery | Laptop


We welcome and appreciate donations-in-kind, no matter how small.

Snapscan click-to-pay: https://pos.snapscan.io/qr/PXMP44845

Bank details for EFT:
Bank: ABSA
Account Name: Little Green Things
Branch Code: 632-005
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 40-9503-3666


Sponsor a Vegetable Patch for the year.

sponsor a garden patch

R600 monthly or R6480 once-off

Feed 2 families of 4 (R20/day)

  • Your name/company logo on your patch
  • Farm to Feast Seasonal Planting Calendar x4
  • 10% off your next 4 purchases from LGT shop
  • 10% off 4 workshops for the year
  • Volunteer at our events

R300 monthly or R3240 once-off

Feed a family of 4 (R10/day)

  • Your name/company logo on your patch
  • Farm to Feast Seasonal Planting Calendar x3
  • 10% off your next 3 purchases from LGT shop
  • 10% off 3 workshops for the year
  • Volunteer at our events

R150 monthly or R1620 once-off

Feed a family of 2 (R5/day)

  • Your name/company logo on your patch
  • Farm to Feast Seasonal Planting Calendar x2
  • 10% off your next 2 purchases from LGT shop
  • 10% off 2 workshops for the year
  • Volunteer at our events

R75 monthly or R810 once-off

Feed 1 person (R2.50/day)

  • Your name/company logo on your patch
  • Farm to Feast Seasonal Planting Calendar x1
  • 10% off your next purchase from LGT shop
  • 10% off 1 workshop of your choice
  • Volunteer at our events

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